OAHC fully supports all the national and other imperatives and initiatives to both transform South African hockey at a club, provincial and national level; and to contribute to the holistic development of previously disadvantaged players of all ages.

Within the very real constraints experienced by all the long-established, traditional South African hockey clubs, OAHC strives to make meaningful contributions to both transformation and development, in collaboration with sponsors and strategic partners who share the Club’s vision and commitment to this process.

Old Albanians initiated our Junior Development Programme in 2011 with the view and foresight of offering upliftment and opportunities to the children in the surrounding areas of Tshwane, where hockey, and indeed sport, would otherwise not be possible.

We have subsequently extended our transformation and development processes to include youth and senior players

It is OAHC GOAL within a realistic time frame to:

  • transform our Senior and Youth teams to better represent the demographics of South Africa;
  • to find ways for school going children to meaningfully and immediately participate in good club hockey structures so as to be better encouraged, motivated and prepared to contribute to representative teams at all levels;
  • To develop sustainable, club-based, support mechanisms for high level players of colour who require such support to continue playing at the highest levels.

Measuring our PERFORMANCE in these areas against the standards of:

  • 25% of our 250 strong Junior Programme must comprise children of disadvantaged backgrounds from Tshwane townships in the proximity of OAHC home base at St Albans College;
  • To provide holistic financial support, employment opportunities and mentoring to a significant number of high level (national, national U21, PHL and provincial) players of colour who are not part of the formal tertiary education institutions’ hockey structures;
  • There ideally should be more than one player of colour in all OAHC Senior and Youth teams whenever possible;
  • Our Premier League teams must always have one player of colour in any team that takes the field and we are striving to have a minimum of three per Premier League squad.

PROGRESS towards Our Transformation and Development Goals

  • Continuing from previous years’ programmes, and with the support of St Albans College, a local Spur Franchise and Dita – the Club clothing sponsor, in 2020 we will continue our support to 50 children of colour from Sunnyside Primary School. They will fully participate in our 12-week Junior Programme. This will comprise a conditioning session conducted by the University of Pretoria High Performance Centre; one hour intensive skills coaching in small groups and a number of full field astro matches each Friday evening.
  • All the senior and youth teams (18 teams) will have a player of colour in the squad for 2020.
  • The men’s first team squad had nine players of colour for 2019 (50%):
    • Five of them are contracted club coaches and.
    • Seven of these have received permanent employment positions from organisations managed or owned by OAHC Club members.
    • Five of these are accommodated in a house leased by OAHC and from their earnings pay the majority of the monthly rent.
  • The Ladies first team squad has three players of colour for 2019 (16%)
  • Under the mentoring of OAHC our national players of colour will “own” and operate the OAHC Hockey Academy for their financial benefit

Old Albanians is proud to be at the forefront of such development programmes. They firmly believe in, and are committed to, making a difference in the community.